These have got a lower heel and more ‘manly’ proportions. Here they are.



These include 4 sizes and a HUD to set bootlace color. I’ve used features introduced into viewer 1.21, as with the Ving Boots.

L$500 per pair
Copy/no transfer/no modify

Fashion credits
Left: jacket and sweater: Mechanism; jeans: Plastik; hair: MaDesigns; skin: Fleur
Right: suit and shirt: Silent Sparrow; hair: Tami McCoy; skin: Fleur 


Ving Boots

January 25, 2009

I’m back with boots:

Here’s a closeup so you can see detail:

And the colors:

Includes: a HUD to set the bootlaces to any color; 3 boot sizes.

I’ve  taken advantage of a couple features that were introduced in SL viewer 1.21, sculpt mirror for making a pair of shoes using fewer sculpt maps, and prim touch for a HUD that detects where on a prim you’ve clicked. For people who want to stick with older viewers, I’ve included version 1.20 boots with more sculpt maps and a ‘degraded’ HUD with only 16 choices.

L$500 per pair
Copy/no modify/no transfer
Please try the demos for calf fit! 

Fashion credits
Left. shirts and armlets: Dutch Touch; pants: TorridWear; hair: Deviant Kitties; skin: Gala; earrings: Illusions; necklace: me
Center. jacket and shirt: Canimal; pants: Schadenfreude; hair: Deviant Kitties; skin: Gala; all jewelry: me 
Right. jacket: Muism; shirt: Simone; jeans: Zaara; hair with hat: ZF & Kari; goggles: D3volution; skin: Gala 

Speedy Pumps

September 17, 2008

So I set myself a goal to make a quality sculptie shoe in only a week, and here it is. I kept the style simple and classic because the design phase of more complex styles takes me too long. Also, I happen to love simple and classic. My subgoal was to improve my leather texturing, and I think I’ve managed that too.

They come in 22 (!) colors, 11 brights and 11 neutrals. 

Dress: Novocaine; hair: Panache; skin: Fleur; stockings and jewelry: me

L$300 per pair, or 10% for packs of 11
Includes pairs for size 0 and size 10 feet
Copy/no transfer/no modify

See the rest of the colors below the fold…

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Button Boots

September 4, 2008

I’ve just released these leather and suede ankle boots, and some prim socks to match. 

Boots:Available in 9 colors
2 sizes included
L$400 per pair
copy/no transfer/no modify

Socks: 2 styles included
L$50 per pair, or L$200 for all 9 colors
modify/copy/no transfer 

Clothes: Paper Couture; hair: Bish; skin: Fleur

Here’s just a sample of the socks:

Kelly Sandals

August 3, 2008

Just released: sculpted flat sandals in 16 colors, accessibly priced at L$200 a pair. I spent less time than usual obsessing over their construction because I wanted to offer them at a lower price. Somehow I managed to succeed; I only spent 6 days on them, not counting the 8 days spent on 2 designs I discarded before coming up with these. It’s typical for my designs to evolve a lot, but I try to see it as a learning process rather than a waste of time.

Two pairs are included, for size 0 and size 10 feet. Permissions: copy/no transfer/no modify.

Clothes and hair: Aoharu; skin: Gala; accessories: me

See below for all the colors…
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July 12, 2008

I’m debuting these at the SL Footwear Expo which starts today. I’ve also made a free set of matching thigh-high stockings. During the expo, 20% of the proceeds will go to the ASPCA. They won’t be available in my main shop or at until after the expo on July 28; I want to drive people to the expo to shop for charity.

9 colors available
L$350 per pair
2 pairs included, for size 0 and size 10 feet
copy/no transfer/no modify

Here’s where to find them: Shiny Things at Footwear Expo

And here are the shoes and stockings:

Here’s the Florina Collection:

There are 11 pieces to mix and match, in gold or silver. They also tint well (if you don’t use face lights. I assume face lights would wash out the tint, but I haven’t tried it.) I happen to love copper jewelry and have done a nice copper tint for my own use. Alas, copper is not popular so I’m not selling a copper texture version. The pictures have a sort of dressy gypsy look, but the jewelry can be dressed down really well too.

I’ve traditionally avoided using shiny and especially bump map in texture settings for jewelry, but I changed my mind for this set. I think Windlight has improved the appearance of shininess, and, surprisingly, bump mapping on ‘darkness’ setting gave the textures some nice depth. This does mean that the jewelry won’t look its best to people who don’t have shiny and bump map turned on in graphics preferences. Does anyone still have that turned off?

Sculpties are used sparingly; there’s only one sculpt map, for the pyramidal dangly bits.

Prices: L$50-L$150 per item; or L$900 for complete silver or gold sets (10% off single item price).
Permissions in-world: Modify/transfer/no copy. Permissions online: Modify/copy/no transfer.
Here’s the full set in gold:

and in silver: