After a much too long absence from SL, I’ve got a new garden at Fallingwater Flowers.

The flowers are scripted for you to change the size and texture color, and to turn on a subtle glow. Each has between 8 and 16 texture options.

They’re available individually and in garden packs. Here are a couple of the packs:

I’ve also updated the sculptie flowers I made in 2007 with my new scripts. You can see them at the shop. Fallingwater Flowers is here (across the bridge from Shiny Things.)


Flowers for charity

July 27, 2007

For this year’s SL Relay for Life, my small contribution is this flower collection. This weekend only, all its sales proceeds go directly to SLRFL.  Three sizes are available; giant size is shown. They cost L$1500 per pack and they’re for sale right here at the Pixels in Pink noir-inspired build. You can see some rezzed here.  The RFL sims will open to the public at 2:00 PM SL time today.

I’ll continue selling the flowers after this weekend, but you should buy them this weekend for charity!

Also at RFL, Reitsuki Kojima has used a load of my alien flowers for his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/steampunk underwater build. He’s done a lovely job. Check it out here.

FF clearance sale

July 4, 2007

This should be the last flower post for a while. I’ll be returning my attention to accessories. I’m discontinuing a bunch of old flowers, but before I do, I’m putting them on sale for half price. All flowers inside the Magic Circle of Blue Sale Fog are discounted until July 15th. After that they’re gone forever. Some of the flowers date to over 3 years ago. Does that make them classics?

The sale excludes all of my alien series, all trees, all furniture and anything else that’s not inside the MCoBSF. Excludes, just to be clear.

The Magic Circle of Blue Sale Fog:

Sculpted flowers

July 3, 2007

I’ve been working on these for the past month and I’m finally finished! The sculpting wasn’t even the time-consuming part. I made all new textures from scratch, absolutely pushing the limits of my painterly abiilities. (i.e. I have none but I fake it pretty well in the end.) Some textures took me days of experimentation. And then the color variations took many more days. I didn’t use Maya texture baking; just a little 3dpaint to sketch out details then finish them in Photoshop.

The last thing remaining to do is price the flowers and make a few size variations. I’ll post later with more details when they’re for sale. In the meantime you can preview them at Shiny Falls(63,189,27).