Ving Boots

January 25, 2009

I’m back with boots:

Here’s a closeup so you can see detail:

And the colors:

Includes: a HUD to set the bootlaces to any color; 3 boot sizes.

I’ve  taken advantage of a couple features that were introduced in SL viewer 1.21, sculpt mirror for making a pair of shoes using fewer sculpt maps, and prim touch for a HUD that detects where on a prim you’ve clicked. For people who want to stick with older viewers, I’ve included version 1.20 boots with more sculpt maps and a ‘degraded’ HUD with only 16 choices.

L$500 per pair
Copy/no modify/no transfer
Please try the demos for calf fit! 

Fashion credits
Left. shirts and armlets: Dutch Touch; pants: TorridWear; hair: Deviant Kitties; skin: Gala; earrings: Illusions; necklace: me
Center. jacket and shirt: Canimal; pants: Schadenfreude; hair: Deviant Kitties; skin: Gala; all jewelry: me 
Right. jacket: Muism; shirt: Simone; jeans: Zaara; hair with hat: ZF & Kari; goggles: D3volution; skin: Gala 


7 Responses to “Ving Boots”

  1. Forseti Says:

    I’m not in SL much these days but still get your blog in my rss reader. All I can say is marvelous craftsmanship Fally. All the best! Forseti

  2. Ann Launay Says:

    So…do you take bribes? I’d love those in a nice dark teal. *makes kitty cat puppy dog eyes*

  3. Nicola Escher Says:

    Maybe I’m an oldie, but I just can’t believe these exist in SL — they’re so good! These could be real boots!

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks everyone! Ann, dark teal would be sweet. If I make a few more colors, I’ll keep that in mind.

  5. Nimil Says:

    all my wallet are belong to you!

  6. […] and just had to grab it as soon as I logged. A short while later I received the latest release from Fallingwater Cellardoor, the Ving Boots, and decided to make an outfit using these 2 new […]

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