Tuli Pumps

October 24, 2008

Introducing Tuli Pumps, named for my friend Tuli Asturias who really REALLY wanted shoes with bows. (*waves to Tuli*)

The bows are scripted with 11 color options – 10 of them match the 10 shoe colors, then each shoe color has one unique bow color made especially to coordinate. (<3 to Iumi Cline for helping me choose colors.) So they have great versatility.

I’m doing this differently than my usual new releases by adding a few fashion pictures. I had a lot of fun outfitting these shoes and playing with interesting color combinations to show off the shoes. Here are a few things I put together. *Click the pictures for larger versions.*

First is this great little Punk Princess dress from TOSL. It includes a ruffled prim bodice but instead I paired it with a top from PixelDolls, Emilie in olive. The Model Hair 1 from 69 (with lying down pose included) is probably seen everywhere these days. The full length stockings are unreleased, by me, and the jewelry is from my Florina Collection. All skins in this post are from Curio, in Opaline skin tone.

I don’t often wear big hair but I love the drama it adds to the below outfits. Both are from BishWear; on the left is Entice in wine, on the right is Lyric in black. Clothes on the left: jacket from LeeZu Baxter with a skirt from D3volution, stockings from LoveLace. On the right is the same PixelDolls Emilie top in rose, only this time you can see the beautiful bottom ruffle. The pants (not a skirt) are from *DP* YumYum, gloves are from Fleur, jewelry is Savage silver and tanzanite by me, stockings are from my freebie thigh high collection. Both poses (and almost all the poses I’ve ever used) are from Reel Expression.

OK, back to the shoes. Here are all 10, each shown with their ‘special’ bow color:

The stats:
L$400 per pair
Copy/no transfer/no modify
2 sizes included, for foot size 0 and 10

Last of all, when I was out outfitting at Sixty-nine, I met a couple fun people, Quinn Putzo and Renzo Regent,  and we had an impromptu hair pileup (Iumi is the 4th piler):

Random silliness like this helps make SL great.


7 Responses to “Tuli Pumps”

  1. Ana Lutetia Says:

    They are absolutely gorgeous! ❤

  2. Mikayla Says:

    Whoa – sexy! I like. 🙂

  3. Tuli Says:

    Hahahaha!!! omg they turned out GORGEOUS!
    It was soooo worth all the badgering, nagging and threatening I had to do! XD
    Thank you Fally, you ROCK. ❤

  4. MyKitty Lightfoot Says:

    I think your shoes are wonderful.I wanted to no if you would shoe me how to create the shoe and textues it i have the textures already .I would so apriciate it.Thanks

  5. sam michas Says:

    very nice photos!!!

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