Big new jewelry collection

June 12, 2008

Here’s the Florina Collection:

There are 11 pieces to mix and match, in gold or silver. They also tint well (if you don’t use face lights. I assume face lights would wash out the tint, but I haven’t tried it.) I happen to love copper jewelry and have done a nice copper tint for my own use. Alas, copper is not popular so I’m not selling a copper texture version. The pictures have a sort of dressy gypsy look, but the jewelry can be dressed down really well too.

I’ve traditionally avoided using shiny and especially bump map in texture settings for jewelry, but I changed my mind for this set. I think Windlight has improved the appearance of shininess, and, surprisingly, bump mapping on ‘darkness’ setting gave the textures some nice depth. This does mean that the jewelry won’t look its best to people who don’t have shiny and bump map turned on in graphics preferences. Does anyone still have that turned off?

Sculpties are used sparingly; there’s only one sculpt map, for the pyramidal dangly bits.

Prices: L$50-L$150 per item; or L$900 for complete silver or gold sets (10% off single item price).
Permissions in-world: Modify/transfer/no copy. Permissions online: Modify/copy/no transfer.
Here’s the full set in gold:

and in silver:


11 Responses to “Big new jewelry collection”

  1. Tuli Says:

    You have my everlasting love, my Queen. *bows*

  2. Stunning silver jewelry, they have a very bohemian look to them..

  3. Canimal Says:

    wow you outdid yourself yet again, they look amazing!

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks! ❤
    And Tuli, I command you to stop bowing to me:)

  5. Casandra Shilova Says:

    I was so excited to find embossed metal bracelets in old silver. Wonderful texture!! They will be staples of my jewelry collection.

  6. My Goddess, these are AMAZING!
    Wonderful wonderful Woo!!!!


  7. zaara kohime Says:

    this is simply amazing…!

  8. 14 february is comming:)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    good collection……….

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