April 23, 2008

It took me ages to finish these because I spent so much time fiddling at each phase: shape, proportion, fit, texture design, and coloring. When it came to coloring, I decided that some colors looked too flat so I added a subtle gradient to the heel. The sunset color carries a color gradient through the straps. I’m not sure: is it nice or tacky?

The fine detail doesn’t show well here (it’s supposed to be subtle, after all!), especially in the smaller pictures, but I think it still makes the overall look more finished and polished. Here’s a closeup:

And I have to give props to Windlight. It brings out the curves of the heel very nicely, so heavy baked in shadowing isn’t needed. Subtlety is my watchword of the moment.

Okay, the stats:
Available in 9 colors
Includes pairs for size 0 and size 10 feet
Copy/no transfer/no modify
L$350 a pair


6 Responses to “Supernovas”

  1. […] the town red in any of the 9 colors of Fallingwater Cellardoor’s, Shiny Things, new sculpted Supernovas wedgies. I absolutely adore slingbacks, nothing makes me feel more dressed up. And Tesla Miles’ Shiny […]

  2. Ooohhh — must have! On my way to spend my money! Oh, but what color? I want them all!

    Princess Ivory

  3. I thought I wanted pink, but the Aqua Bloom is perfect with my outfit! Check it out on Flickr:
    Springtime Beauty

    Princess Ivory

  4. Fallyyy! =) Yay, I congratulated you on the new release on the day of releaseee

    I love the pink bloom I have, they are so pretty. I wear them with anything pink I have!

    -Portia ❤

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