Special edition shoes for charity

March 17, 2008

I’m selling a specially textured edition of Francoise Flats exclusively for the benefit of Relay for Life of Second Life. They’ll be available until the end of RFLSL 2008, which I think is at the end of July. They’re at my main shop (and not, in case anyone goes there looking for them, at the RFL Clothing Fair).

L$300 (minimum donation to receive a pair of shoes)
2 sizes included
copy/no modify/no transfer
store cards can’t be used for these, sorry.
here are all the colors:

I’m in the midst of reworking all my shop displays and haven’t come up with a good blog presentation for them yet. Those pictures will do for now!


3 Responses to “Special edition shoes for charity”

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  2. Admirer Says:

    You do such an exemplary job at working with sculpties. I’m fascinated at how smooth the scultpies come out for you. How do you get them that smooth? :O

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