Francoise Flats

March 3, 2008

If I had these shoes in real life I’d wear them to death.

Available in 12 colors (omg no plain black)
L$250 a pair
2 sizes included – for size 0 and size 10 feet
copy/no transfer/no modify

Shirt: Canimal; pants: Launa Fauna; hair: Kin; skin: Fleur

The rest of the colors are after the jump…


5 Responses to “Francoise Flats”

  1. […] Originally Posted by Fallingwater Cellardoor I’m working on some flats with plainer textures but fancier style As promised… Francoise Flats « Shiny Things […]

  2. SySy Says:

    love your shoes 🙂 adding you to my favorite shops on my blog take care!

  3. […] Rebel Hope has a lovely new bridal gown for you to check out. And yeah, Fally, your Shiny Things Francoise flats do not come in plain black, so we’ll have to buy them in all 12 colors! If you’re […]

  4. Ulrike Theas Says:

    Oh my god, these are by far the best ballet flats I’ve seen in SL, absolutely gorgeous! But please, please, please make them available in white!!

  5. Ana Lutetia Says:

    Love these!! There are so few flats in SL compared to the huge amount of heels.

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