Embroidered flats

February 25, 2008

These are called Brocattos. I made them because SL needs more flat shoes, and because a fabric swatch inspired me to try creating an embroidered look with Maya.

Available in 8 colors
L$250 a pair
Includes 2 pairs – for size 0 and size 10 feet.
Copy/no modify/no transfer

pants: Launa Fauna; shirt: Last Call; shrug: MG Designs; skin: Fleur; Hair: Tami McCoy

more colors follow…


13 Responses to “Embroidered flats”

  1. canimal Says:

    TOO CUTE!!!

  2. Tanya Book Says:

    Those are adorable.

  3. […] Hrm, I almost never wear flats, but I think I may need these: Embroidered flats Shiny Things […]

  4. Alyx Sands Says:

    Who cares about SL? I WANT THESE IN RL! 😉

  5. Ana Lutetia Says:

    Soooo pretty!

    I am so happy to see more flats in SL.

  6. […] another pic of Fallingwater Cellardoor’s, Shiny Things, things. But I don’t care, these Brocattos Embroidered Flats are […]

  7. Cinthia Eckersley Says:

    Lol!! I totally agree with Alyx, any chance of getting these in RL? 😀

  8. Frosted Latte Says:

    Now these really are lovely. And a sweet explanation of why, rather than some overblown novel as to the amount of romance they’ll bring you as you find on half these blogs – great all round!

  9. Oooh I don’t go for flats either but I am so having some of those!! They look gorgeous- well done!!

  10. […] Ree…although I’m so tired my eyeballs actually hurt. The Brocatto pumps are the work of FallingWater Cellardoor and are very nice indeed. The blog entry states that she was inspired to try her hand at creating an […]

  11. Harper Says:

    Hey, you can’t wear heels all the time! When I’m knocking about in jeans, I usually have on a pair of freebie sneakers. (I haven’t bothered to go shopping yet for some sculpties.) These flats give us a very nice alternative.

  12. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks everyone! It’s nice to see such a good response to just a little pair of flats.

  13. […] can also be changed to gold or silver on touch. Although I didn’t think it possible, my Shiny Things Brocattos finally have competition in my slippers […]

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