Glossy Ribbon Boots

February 7, 2008

I’ve applied my improving Maya texture skills to my Chunky Ribbon Boots to create a new version. The finish is shinier, and the black is darker than the original. They’ve been given a new name with the hope of avoiding purchase confusion.

4 colors available
4 calf sizes included
HUD for changing bootlace colors
copy/no transfer/no modify
fits size 0 feet

Clothes: Silent Sparrow and Canimal; hair: Zyrraphotic; skin: Fleur (formerly Tete a Pied)


2 Responses to “Glossy Ribbon Boots”

  1. Sai Pennell Says:

    Ah, so pretty! I’ll have to pick me up a pair of these! ^^

  2. […] has a darn cute ‘do, too, called Tousled. Fallingwater Cellardoor’s, Shiny Things, Glossy Ribbon Boots have convinced me to go the chunky footwear route over my usual more tailored things. And, […]

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