MaryGeo pumps

January 19, 2008

The “Mary” is for the Mary Jane strap, the “Geo” is for the geometric blocks of color. Making round-toed sculptie pumps was tricky for me. I’m used to making round toes out of traditional prims, and they necessarily have a cartoony shape. Getting past that to a more realistic shape took a lot of puzzled fiddling in Maya. I had a bit of premature spring fever, so I made a couple easter-eggy colors. Here’s my favorite:

I need to find some clothes to go with this color! Any suggestions?

These only come in 4 colors so far. I’ll be making more. Suggestions from my Shiny Things group: red, brown/tan, brown/robin’s egg, black/something. I’m open to more ideas.

L$300 a pair
Copy/no modify/no transfer
Fit size 0 feet
Color demos available

And here are the rest of the colors…
Outfit: Savvy?; skin: Gala; hair: ETD


7 Responses to “MaryGeo pumps”

  1. […] Cellardoor, Shiny Things, has MaryGeo Pumps, not exactly riding boots, and I’d never wear spurs with them either. They’ve got a […]

  2. Adia Clary Says:

    How about a sapphire blue and a lighter blue? Very nice!

  3. Ivalde has a delicious green 50’s style cocktail dress with gauzy sleeves that would go perfectly with the green shoes – Vintage Ragna it’s called.

  4. Azar K. Says:

    I would wear something from Icing

  5. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. Ana, that dress is especially cute.

  6. […] a huge fan of multi tones and the MaryGeos are right up my alley. These are $300L and available in many colors, some subtle and others more dramatic such as the red and black shown here. Adding more pleasure to […]

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