Mechanica jewelry – men’s and women’s versions

December 14, 2007

I love making unconventional jewelry. I feel it’s my best expression of pure creativity. It’s also my poorest-selling work, but that’s fine. This set, Mechanica, comes in gunmetal because that’s the obvious choice, and in gold (for women only) because I like the contrast. And I’ve finally done a reverse necklace (there must be a name for that) — something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

There’s also a regular necklace:

And here’s the men’s version. It probably wouldn’t fit women too well because men’s necks and chests are shaped differently.

Permissions: The in-store jewelry permissions are modify/transfer/no copy. OnRez jewelry, listed shortly, is modify/copy/no transfer. Please buy there if you prefer that.

Women’s necklaces: L$150 each
Bracelet, earrings, men’s necklace: L$100 each

See more pictures after the flip.

The men’s bracelet is almost identical to the women’s. I just thickened the bands slightly.


2 Responses to “Mechanica jewelry – men’s and women’s versions”

  1. how on earth can it be your worst selling work!!!
    its the stuff i love the most!
    and the stuff id be most likely to buy irl.

    *buys a pile*

  2. […] while the iron is hot and get over to Shiny Things where Fallingwater Cellardoor had made Mechanica jewelry, in both male and female versions. Alienbear Gupte, Alienbear Jewelry Design, should sell out her […]

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