Chunky Ribbon Boots

December 11, 2007

[Update: the boots are out in my shop now. ]

When Second Life comes back online I’ll release these:

The obvious difference from my first Ribbon Boots is the sole. I also changed the grommets, enlarged the bow loops, improved the joint between foot and calf, and made subtle texture improvements. You can see (or maybe you can’t) here how ambient occlusion (the slight shadowing) around the grommets gives the calf more depth:

I plan to revamp the original Ribbon Boots with a single-prim heel/sole and the above-mentioned improvements. When I do (soon!), I’ll distribute copies to everyone who’s purchased them.

The bootlace color HUD add-ons work with these boots. Here they are again:

~Chunky Ribbon Boots~
In black, white, pink, blue
4 calf sizes included
Copy/no transfer/no modify
Bootlace HUD with 6 colors included
Additional HUDs available for L$100

See the other colors below….


One Response to “Chunky Ribbon Boots”

  1. Anita61 Anatine Says:

    just bought your chunky boots in punk, best boots I’ve ever seen! After reading your blog I defenetivly have to come back for a color hud….I really need a pair of brown laces! Thank you very much for your lovely desing.

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