Ribbon Boots

December 5, 2007

I’ve released some new sculpted women’s boots with good features. They include 4 calf sizes, so they should fit most avatars. Multiple calf sizes are easier to make with sculpties than they were with regular prims. A bit of stretching here and there in Maya will do it, whereas regular prims required a hell of a lot of fiddling.

There’s also a HUD for changing lace colors. I’ve included a basic palette of 6 colors with the boots, and I’m selling additional HUDs separately.  The HUDs have options for changing both boots or just one, so you can mix and match lace colors. (Thanks to PixelDolls – a prim skirt HUD was my inspiration.)

Ribbon Boots: In black and white
For size 0 feet with 4 calf sizes
Copy/no transfer/no modify
Demos available

Bootlace color HUDs:
15 colors in each
Copy/no transfer/no modify

Outfit: Dutch Touch; socks: Canimal; hair: Calico; skin: Tete a Pied


3 Responses to “Ribbon Boots”

  1. Marly Says:

    I love these new boots! TOTALLY ace. OH! and Linty Pocket Puppy, you have officially been TAGGED.


    see my blog for rules.

  2. […] from freezing. Fallingwater Cellardoor, Shiny Things, froze me in my tracks when I saw her new Ribbon Boots. Who knew I even needed such a thing as boots laced up with ribbons. Well, now I do! Siyu Suen, […]

  3. […] extra huds are $L100 each. Demos are available so go check them out! You will not be disappointed!Shiny Things BlogShiny Things InWorld—Other Stuff:Skin: Celestial Studios, ETD Hair, Armidi Sweater, ETD […]

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