More men’s shoes already

November 13, 2007

These are called Murphys. They’re the result of some ideas I wanted to play around with in Maya. The main shapes are sculpted prims, the laces and grommets aren’t.

The important facts:
8 colors
3 sizes (up to foot size 35)
demos available for all colors and sizes
copy/no modify/no transfer
L$325 a pair

Here they are in my favorite color.
clothes: Simone; hair: Tami McCoy; skin: Tete a Pied; glasses: Nea-Ban

Comments and more pictures follow…

sticking to basics
These and my last shoes (the Classics pumps) are quite basic styles, aren’t they? When I started work on what became the Classics, I was struggling with a more complex idea when it hit me: back off! I may have been expert at making non-sculpted shoes, but I’m still just a novice with sculpties. For now I’d rather focus on basic shoe construction than be too ambitious. Witness my Ruffle Boots: I was never really happy with their shaping and design, yet they took me more than twice as long as subsequent efforts.

subtlety vs. SL
My natural instinct is toward subtlety. But in the low-resolution world of SL, subtlety often gets lost, so I have to fight my instincts. (Sometimes I forget though.) For instance, stitches on real shoes are usually very thin, short, and closely spaced. While making the Murphys I had to keep pumping up the stitches until they became visible in SL.  Their style impact is more important than realism.

And now here are the rest of the Murphys colors.


2 Responses to “More men’s shoes already”

  1. forseti Says:

    Damn Fally, those look nice. Comfy and classy. You’re putting out fabulous stuff these days.

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