A classic pair of pumps

November 1, 2007

These were fun shoes to make. Their simplicity and my months of Maya efforts helped the design just flow. It’s my first sculptie project that flowed!

They come in 9 subdued colors.  I tried brights but I think subdued suits the style better.  They started out monochrome but I liked the look of colored upper with black heel/sole so much that I put two pairs in each box.  I may do another round in desaturated pastels. And I’ll definitely use this shoe as a starting point for funkier styles that want to be bright.

L$300 per color (2 sole colors included)
just 3 prims per shoe
permissions: copy/no modify/no transfer

buttoned shirt: artilleri; jeans: Launa Fauna; skirt suit and skins: Tete a Pied; long hair: Calico; short hair: ETD

See the rest of the colors below.

(Somehow bright red is classier than other bright colors.)


8 Responses to “A classic pair of pumps”

  1. Those are stunning beautiful shoes. Amazing.

  2. Tuli Says:

    Your hard work shows! Immaculate!

  3. Yes! And desaturated pastels for spring dresses!

    we also need them in Slingback and D’Orsay, and satin, velvet and suede for the festivewear. And in more heel heights, at least 4 heel heights in each style. because sometimes I want a 80mm heel and sometimes I want a 90mm, or sometimes a 120mm and there are times when ya just gotta have that 140mm heel with a red sole. 😉 Ahh, I kid, but only a little bit.

    I love shoooes.

  4. Bronte Alcott Says:

    I picked up the pumpkin freebies and wore them for days with everything . . . so lovely! I can hardly wait for the pastels . . . I’m hoping for a dusty pink . . . not too bright . . . which I will swoop down upon and make my own. Great job!!

  5. Sky Says:

    And, could you also do a shiny deep black for those extra dark outfits? Thanks!

  6. […] of these. (they’re called Party Pumps, another winner of a name) They’re a bit like my Classics pumps. Actually I’d almost finished these when I realized, hey, hadn’t I already made these […]

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