Spencers – sculpted men’s shoes

October 24, 2007

I’ll let the pictures do the typing for this one.

5 colors: black, brown, tan, burgundy, navy.
Includes 3 sizes for up to size 35 feet.
Demos for all colors and sizes are available.
Copy/no transfer/no modify.
L$325 a pair.

If you want to send these as gifts with no human intervention, they’re listed on shop.onrez.com.

p.s. Thanks to Neferon Kuroda for modeling. Outfit is from SF Designs.

See the rest of the colors below…


6 Responses to “Spencers – sculpted men’s shoes”

  1. Wow, stunningly good!

  2. I just got a pair of the black ones last night. I have to say these are the best looking men’s shoes in all of SL. The detail and textures are superb. These actually look like left and right shoes and not a uni-shoe that the trim is on one side or the other. They look and fit great. Fantastic Men’s Shoe. Thanks.

  3. Forseti Says:

    Wow Fally, that’s amazing work!

  4. Forseti Says:

    doh just noticed the onrez link was broken (yes, I am pursuing instant gratification and buying some RIGHT NOW) – the proper link is

  5. fcellardoor Says:

    I’ve updated the post. Thanks for catching that, Forseti!

  6. I have taken no less than three SL men to Shiny Things in order to get the fabulous and sexy City Walk shoes. The Spencers are so tantalizing, I think I may have to insist that they buy *these*, too!

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