Ruffle Boots

October 14, 2007

I’ve made some new sculpted prim ankle boots:

Stuff you want to know:
Available in black, scarlet, chocolate, and coffee.
Two sizes are included. The large size is better proportioned for larger avatars, but still works best with size 0 feet.
L$400 a pair
Copy/no transfer/no modify
Demos for all colors and sizes are available.
Jacket: silent sparrow; capris: Panache; hair: Calico creations; skin: Gala

See below for more pictures and Interesting Bootmaking Facts…


Interesting Bootmaking Facts:
I started working on these 3 weeks ago, with relaxation breaks spent making bouquets and jewelry. Total time spent on the boots was about 2 1/2 weeks of full time work. I wanted to make a shiny leather texture, which required creation of a good tileable base texture, Maya materials, and scene lighting. Each step was a trial. The results are acceptable for my first attempt, and now I have a good base for improvement. (The shapes weren’t easy either, but shaping is more straightforward than texturing.)

In the past week I’ve been trying out Turtle for Maya to bake textures. It’s been a huge time-saver. Rendering/baking is way faster than Mental Ray and it doesn’t hog the entire processor. It’s expensive but it will be well worth the productivity gain.


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