I’m trying something new with jewelry

October 10, 2007

I’ve released a new jewelry set scripted with 11 gem colors. The price is higher than it would be for single colors, so I’m cutting out people with, say, L$200 to spend. On the other hand, L$600 for 11 colors is a good deal. I’m curious to see how it sells.

Why haven’t I offered scripted jewelry before? Well, I’ve now got a pretty good library of jewelry textures to draw from, so texturing time is pretty quick. Building up that library took a lot of effort, and I wasn’t willing to discount my already reasonable prices for my work. Writing the gem script took way less time than I’ve spent building my library. Also, I’ve been reluctant to sell jewelry at the higher price point. Offering both singles and scripted doesn’t appeal to me; the scripted version saves a lot of floor space and box-making time. I’ll find out if that’s a good decision or not.

(Before anyone asks, I won’t be doing the same with any shoes. Shoes take me much longer than jewelry, and shoe texturing usually takes a big chunk of that time.)

One last thing before the pictures: my in-store jewelry is modify/no copy/transfer to make gift-giving easy. I’m listing jewelry on OnRez as copy/no transfer, so if you want copy/no transfer jewelry, you can get it here. I’ll have an OnRez kiosk in my shop for signups, deposits, etc. Most of my older jewelry isn’t listed there yet. I’m working on it.

OK, here it is, Nighttime Gems in silver and black. Each set includes necklace and earrings for L$600. Modify/no copy/transfer (or modify/copy/no transfer on OnRez.)

bra: Devolution; shrug: Canimal; skin: Tête à Pied; tattoos: EtchD; hair: Calico Creations

By the way, there’s an interview with me in the October 2 issue (pdf) of Metaverse Messenger, page 14.


6 Responses to “I’m trying something new with jewelry”

  1. This is now my favorite set of jewelry and I will be wearing it for a very long time. Wonderful work and love the versatility of the gems.

  2. […] is Nighttime Gems from Shiny Things. This is the first time Fally has done color change and as she notes, it makes for pieces too expensive for new or casual shoppers. On the one hand, I know my newbie […]

  3. Samara Barzane Says:

    It’s gorgeous, but I’m not finding it in the store … where should I be looking?

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Samara, they’re just inside the west entrance, on the new products display.

  5. heaven lacey Says:

    I think just looking at them, makes me excited, what they have done is truly amazing. Now I just wish I could buy something like that in RL lol. Keep up the good work.

  6. Sheenecka Carter Says:

    hey….thts real amazing stuff
    could you also tell me wat skin is tht?

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