Ballet flats finally finished

August 3, 2007

I posted about these last week, thought I’d be finished pretty quickly, then got hung up on pale colors for way too long. But they’re finally finished and released!

I’ve made 12 colors, including 4 Penny Edition colors that match Penny dresses by my good friend hyasynth of Silent Sparrow. They include flowered laces (not shown in any pictures) and plain laces. The laces are modifiable, so you can size to fit. I also made two starter sizes of laces, thin and wide, to make fitting easier. They’re shaped slightly differently because wide and thin calves are shaped differently. Last of all, there are size 10 foot parts as well as the usual size 0’s. The 0’s can look a little silly on larger avatars.

They’re L$250 per pair. I priced them lower than my usual L$300 because, as my first sculptie shoes, they’re not all I would like them to be. Permissions are copy/no transfer;no modify feet;modify calf laces.

You can see all the colors after the flip.


8 Responses to “Ballet flats finally finished”

  1. […] copies. So obviously I didn’t buy every single colour in the shop but you can see them all here […]

  2. Pearl Says:

    Beautiful……Shiny things and Silent Sparrow here I come…hehe

  3. helix rehula Says:

    Hi..excuse me..can you tell me an email where i can write you ? tHANK YOU

  4. Elise Capalini Says:

    But where can I find those torn stockings? Thanks SO much for your continued beautiful work. 🙂

  5. fcellardoor Says:

    helix: IM me in SL, ok? (Fallingwater Cellardoor)

    Elise: that outfit including stockings is from Winter Moon. I always forget to list the clothes! And thanks for your kind words.:)

    Thanks to Pearl too.

  6. sammantha. Says:

    wow those are so cute?!

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