Socks with almost perfect seams

July 21, 2007

There’s finally something new at Shiny Things. I like what a pair of patterned of socks can do for an SL outfit, but I hate the seam problems that (understandably) exist on most. The avatar mesh and lower body template are miserable around the ankles. Fortunately, my clever and talented husband (Eddie Escher in SL) has used 3dsmax to make android skins so it was easy for him to set up a sockmaking file for me. Maybe someday I’ll learn how to do the same in Maya, but there’s too much else to learn first.

Almost perfect seams: if you examine the ankles closely you can see some blurring. I’m not quite obsessive enough to try fixing that completely.

There are 5 packs of socks and they’re cheap: L$99 per pack.  The plaids include flexi ribbons. They’re modifiable and they tint pretty well so you can adjust colors to suit you. (Also they’re copy/no transfer.)

P.S. I’ll be posting soon on various sculptie things I’ve been working on.


5 Responses to “Socks with almost perfect seams”

  1. Tuli Says:

    Awesome, Fally =D
    And about you turning your attention to accessories: YAY and, pwease make necklaces to go with your awesome wood bracelets/earrings? =P *hugzzzz*

  2. Wow, amazing, as usual. Seeing all the lines line-up warms this designer’s (and anyone who’s tried to do striped socks/stockings in Photoshop) heart.

    Glad cousin Eddie is making hisself useful!


  3. Tracy Says:

    Fantastic!! How about a pair of fishnet stockings. I’d love to be able to replace all mine with a ‘proper’ pair. 😉

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Tracy, I did work on some fishnets but couldn’t get good enough quality. I’ll be trying again sometime.

  5. Tracy Says:

    Excellent! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the fishnet department… 😉

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