Sculpted flowers

July 3, 2007

I’ve been working on these for the past month and I’m finally finished! The sculpting wasn’t even the time-consuming part. I made all new textures from scratch, absolutely pushing the limits of my painterly abiilities. (i.e. I have none but I fake it pretty well in the end.) Some textures took me days of experimentation. And then the color variations took many more days. I didn’t use Maya texture baking; just a little 3dpaint to sketch out details then finish them in Photoshop.

The last thing remaining to do is price the flowers and make a few size variations. I’ll post later with more details when they’re for sale. In the meantime you can preview them at Shiny Falls(63,189,27).


3 Responses to “Sculpted flowers”

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  2. Violette Mielziner Says:

    I have just been to see your fallingwater flowers. They are stunningly beautiful pieces of art. They are the best thing I have seen in SL! They really evoke a sense of beauty and wonder.

  3. Prim flowers Says:

    I miss the old prim flowers :(. Yes, all the new stuff is nice, but there was magic in the prims of the old ones. Sculpties are nice, but I think should not take the place of pure prim sculptures. A lot of character is lost now. I wish there was still the choice to buy the old style.

    It takes much more talent to make the most of the limited prim configurations, vs “normal” 3d modeling… and sculpties also lag the client worse. Now instead of a simple cut sphere for a petal, for example, we have something that uses the same resources as a maxed out in complexity torus.

    I’m gonna go cry now. 😦

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