Sculpted flowers for sale

July 3, 2007

I’ved priced my flowers and created two sets in medium and large sizes. Huge and small sizes will be added shortly. Prices range from L$100 to L$175 per flower. That’s in line with the pricing of my old flowers.

There are a dozen styles. Three are named after my cats (one deceased) and the other names are pretty lame. A few styles have 2 different versions – a more bent and a less bent stem. All flowers are color changing (technically they’re texture changing, not RGB value changing), with 6 to 15 colors each. Click to cycle through colors. Only the owner may do so; that way, once you’ve made a nice color scheme no one can come along and mess it up. The shop flowers are demoed so that anyone can change them.

Permissions are no modify/no copy/transfer. Again, this is the same as my older flowers. I’m considering selling copy/no transfer versions on SLBoutique for a large markup, possibly L$500 or L$600 per flower. Since I’ve never sold that way before, feedback on that option is welcome.

You can get them here. That’s all the important stuff I can think of. And here are some closeup shots. (The previous post has overview shots and tales of woe.)


3 Responses to “Sculpted flowers for sale”

  1. Lux Yao Says:

    Oh so pretty. Must have! ;p

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  3. els Says:

    Good view..

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