Sculptie shoe diary

June 1, 2007

I thought I’d share a bit of my experimentation and learning this week. The few snapshots here represent a good solid week of practice; they don’t show the many trials, missteps, and hours of fighting desperately with texture baking in between. The texture bakes are still stomping my ass.

Standard prims make shoe construction much easier in some ways. Their limits constrain the design space so much that choices are much easier to make.  Maybe in time I’ll get more comfortable with sculptie design but right now the possibilities are wonderful and scary!

Anyway, on to the stuff…I started with replicating the basic shape of my Old Boots, then decided to wait on making calf and foot align well and played with a simple 2 prim upper. I added a crude 1 prim sole to both. Up close it looked pretty bad. The tan texture is a semi-successful bake. It went downhill from there.

first tries

 I next added a 2 prim heel/sole to the tan shoe. I was pretty pleased with the smoothness of it. My shaping skills still need some work though.

heel and sole addition

Just for the hell of it I worked on a new single prim upper. The old boot replica foot was also a single prim but it’s quite different from this one in the details. I also made a new, only slightly less crude single prim sole/heel. I’m not happy with this upper shape (for instance, look at the texture stretching on the heel) but I learned a whole lot from it. You can see my texture baking start to go downhill here.

2 prim shoe

Finally, last night I worked on a clog. My shaping techniques are getting more efficient.  The upper is progressing nicely. The single prim sole is clearly the wrong choice for it.  I tried texture baking with mentalRay because I saw this:  My texture makes me want to cry. I’ll continue researching lighting and rendering this weekend.


That’s it for now. P.S. If anyone has a simple answer for why neither my Convert to File Texture nor my mentalRay batch bakes match what I see in my test renders, I’ll give you my firstborn or some candy or something.

UPDATE: I just discovered ‘orthogonal reflection’ for texture baking, which helps quite a bit. I have no idea why the inside of the clog renders with really high luminance though.


6 Responses to “Sculptie shoe diary”

  1. Lauren Says:

    just a tip use beta!
    i have been practicing with sculpties and beta has lots less lag and its free to upload (they give u like 10G in Ls … not that you would have a problem with lindens but its nice to not waste money) i like to upload as im going and fix problems
    i dont know anything about the rendering stuff i have been using a super easy program and i usually texture in world

  2. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks, Lauren. I’ve used beta for test uploads a couple times but I usually don’t bother. It totally makes sense though.

  3. Andee Says:

    I really like your designs! I am not a Second Life person and have only just discovered it–and *rediscovered* you (through the video on YouTube about you and your designs) ! I am living only 15 miles from you and would love for you to get in touch with me via my email address–it’s been a really long time, huh?

  4. Ana Lutetia Says:

    These boots are cute. 🙂

  5. Hi Fallingwater,
    ok why does the texture bake not work: The Sculptie texture starts at vertex 0(32) and the texture starts at 1! Hmm so the mapping for the texture needs to be shifted by one vertex! Or the other way around cant remember i would have to check… So you need to different mappings/ texture coordinates…
    Do you work with 3ds max?

    kind regards

    PS: Love your stuff!

  6. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks, Mental. I use Maya – I never had a problem exporting the sculpt maps. It was baking surface textures from shaders + lights that was causing my head to explode. I’ve solved my main problems and will be posting some new creations soon.

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