Four new velvet-trimmed pumps

May 6, 2007

Because one wasn’t nearly enough. I love the look of the velvet though you do need to zoom in to really see it.

Oh! This is important. I’ve made demos for all the new shoes in all colors. It should help people match shoes to outfits and just generally provide better information. I’ll be interested to see if it helps sales. I doubt I’ll go back and make demos for all my old shoes but I’ll probably do selected ones. I wish I’d done this a long time ago.

First up is my favorite: Breakneck pumps in 10 colors. See the egg-shaped toe sole? You couldn’t walk on that in real life, you’d break your neck. You get 2 pairs in a pack — one with matching trim and one with black trim.  L$300 per pair.

View color range
burnt orange Breakneck Pump

Next, Tuxedo pumps, are also kind of my favorite. The shape is based on my Signature Slingbacks, which I truly love. They come in 10 colors (not the same ones as the breaknecks) and also have 2 velvet trim variations. L$300.

View color range
white tuxedo pumps

The Lulu pumps have a lower heel. I had a hell of a time choosing suitable colors for them. (In my world you can’t just make any shoe in any color. Style and color have to fit together.) They only come with one trim variation, in yet another set of 10 colors.

View color range
plum lulu pumps

Last there are Sugar pumps, in 7 colors, just one trim color each. These are my least favorite of the batch so I’ve priced them at L$250 a pair. I do love the velvet bows though, as you may have suspected.

View color range
rose sugar pumps


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