Seasons Jewelry

April 20, 2007

A bunch of leafy jewelry in 4 seasonal colors is now available. (Leaves turn blue in winter, right? Let’s just pretend they do.) There’s a necklace, earrings, armband, cuff, and anklet, each sold separately. I’m just showing a sampling here because there are too many to display all separately.  I rarely use the dreaded shiny effect on my jewelry but I liked how the leaves look with it, so they’ve got it.

Prices are L$75-L$175 per item.

P.S. I really do intend to expand my blogroll one of these days.

Seasons jewelry


7 Responses to “Seasons Jewelry”

  1. These are absolutely stunning.

  2. Holy cow! Just stunning. So masterful that unless I knew it, I would never guess these exist in SL.

    These truly are objects of desire.

  3. aradiadielli Says:

    Beautiful work Fally. The pictures look amazing as well!

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Thanks, you three! I appreciate the comments and it’s nice to know some people are reading my blog.

  5. Kaiti Says:

    Beautiful! As is all of your work 🙂

  6. Lilliekins Says:

    Oh, those are just lovely! Kudos!!

  7. ivy Says:

    I love love these! I need them 🙂

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