The end of my hippie era (for now)

April 6, 2007

I’ve made a few items that mix well with some previous creations (stoned jewelry, bucket bags, boho sandals, ???) because I’ve been all hippied out in SL lately and I NEEDED them. The new stuff:

Hippie Deluxe bracelet stack: a combo of lots of my favorite textures and techniques. L$150 each.
Braid bracelet: a new technique I just discovered, yay! with some beads. L$125 each.
Braid earrings: you can’t beat big long hoop earrings, I say. L$100 each pair.

They come in black, red, and brown. As usual with my jewelry, they’re modify/transfer/no copy and you can IM me if you prefer copy/no transfer.

I’m trying for an elegant era next. Today I’m dressed in a gorgeous Flapper Dress from Ivalde. I’m thinking that soon I’ll NEED some new elegant things.

red braid jewelry

See the other colors below the fold…

brown braid jewelry

black braid jewelry


6 Responses to “The end of my hippie era (for now)”

  1. Incredible textures!!

  2. Marleen Vaughan Says:

    OHHHH PRETTY! *paws it gently*

  3. Galilla Says:

    Where’s your store? I did a search in Classified, All and Places for Shiny Things and nothing comes up! Dying to check it out…put an ad up in world!!

  4. fcellardoor Says:

    Galilla, I’ll have to fix that but meanwhile you can do a Places search instead.

  5. Galilla Says:

    I already did a places search and it didn’t show up there either. 😦

  6. Dorra Debs Says:

    When I want to go to Shiny Things store I do a sim search on the map for “Shiny”.

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