Bucket Bags

March 29, 2007

I started these weeks ago, got disgusted with them and set them aside, then came back to them when I was undisgusted. Now and then I have to do that; sometimes I never do get happy with a design and it just gets dumped. Fortunately I didn’t have to dump these because I love the pattern.

In 4 colors.
Modify/copy/no transfer.
L$150 each.

Red bucket bag

Click that next thing to see all the colors.


4 Responses to “Bucket Bags”

  1. Forseti Says:

    glad you didn’t dump em — I think they’re lovely

  2. Margit Nemeth Says:

    They’re sooo cute! Love the color combinations, and I’m tempted to get ALL of them, going to the store right now …

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