Boho Sandals

March 10, 2007

Canimal gave me a cute little flowered dress and I needed shoes for it. In a rush of inspiration I made these. With lots of little prims.

In 4 colors: black, red, brown, tan.
L$250 per pair; megapack available for 25% off.

Brown Boho Sandals

See all the colors after the flip.

Boho Sandals black

Boho Sandals red

Boho Sandals tan


3 Responses to “Boho Sandals”

  1. Gorgeous as usual!

  2. Jenda Starbrook Says:

    I am loving these! Bought a pair in black last night and am on my way back now to get the brown!

  3. aikerepine Says:

    I am new to SL, but I already worship you on the basis of these shoes ALONE.

    My dear, you’ve made the Oregon girl in me verrrrrrrrry happy.

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