Spring Stilettos

March 6, 2007

It’s about time I had a blog, innit? I’m inaugurating it with some superfeminine heels: Spring Stilettos. I’ve released 4 colors. If response to these is good I plan to do another batch.

Someone recently asked me if I had any shoes with flowers. It’s a reasonable question since I make shoes and I make flowers.  Of course the answer was no. Thanks, someone, for inspiring me to do it at last.

Black Spring Stilettos

 The usual : L$300 per pair. Fits size 0 feet. (They’re pretty close fitting so are better suited for small to average sized avatars than amazons.) Copy/no transfer/no modify.

You can see the rest of the colors on the other side…

White Spring Stilettos

Powder Pink Spring Stilettos

Antiqued Spring Stilettos


2 Responses to “Spring Stilettos”

  1. Pardon me as I WEEP WITH GRATITUDE, both for the most amazing flowered shoes and the fact you finally have a blog. Welcome to the century… it’s nice in here! 😛

  2. Sansarya Caligari Says:

    Yay, I finally found your blog. TY for making flower-toe shoes 🙂

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