Three new pumps

October 12, 2010

All support both old and new viewers (with alpha layers), include 2 sizes for easy fitting, and are modify/copy/no transfer. Fatpacks are available for 25% off the single pair price.


In 7 colors
L£350 a pair


In 11 colors
L$350 a pair. There’s also a free subscriber gift in gold.


In 10 colors
L$300 a pair

Ginger Boots

May 29, 2010

I’ve just released Ginger Boots, midcalf boots that are carefully shaped and richly textured.

They’re constructed as a single piece that attaches to the calf, and a Viewer 2 alpha layer hides the foot cleanly. Viewer 2.1 will include multi-attachments, so you’ll be able to wear your boots and, say, pant cuffs with no hassle. (For users of other viewers, I’ve also provided old-style invisibility prims.)

This is my first modifiable shoe release; you can size the boots to fit you precisely or combine them with other attachments until multi-attachments are available. I’ve also provided two starting sizes, regular and wide, for easier fitting for a large range of avatar shapes.

click for larger image

And now for the bullet points:
– available in 6 colors
– regular and wide sizes included
– permissions: modify/copy/no transfer
– viewer 2 support
– L$500 per pair

Zimmy Flats

April 23, 2010

These are Zimmy Flats, with detailed texturing, a cute casual shape, and a bow that can be shown or hidden with a click.

And this is how I accessorized my two favorite colors:

two sizes included
two versions included —
–   with invisiprims for users of SL viewer 1
–   alpha layer and NO invisiprims for users of SL viewer 2.0
L$300 per pair
fatpack available for a 25% discount off single pair price

** Also at my shop you’ll find a new subscriber kiosk and an exclusive subscriber/group gift: Zimmy Flats in faded denim. As a subscriber, you’ll get notices about new products and (more) special offers.

Members of my Shiny Things group can stay and receive the same benefits, or switch to a subscription.

Fashion credits
Left: pants and white shirt: Coco; vest: Elephant Outfitters; hair: Raspberry Aristocrat; socks: Shop Seu; skin: Curio; pose: AnaLu; jewelry: me
Right: shirt: Kurotsubaki; jeans: Nyte’n’Day; hair: Panache; skin: Curio; pose: Reel Expressionl socks and jewelry: me

After a much too long absence from SL, I’ve got a new garden at Fallingwater Flowers.

The flowers are scripted for you to change the size and texture color, and to turn on a subtle glow. Each has between 8 and 16 texture options.

They’re available individually and in garden packs. Here are a couple of the packs:

I’ve also updated the sculptie flowers I made in 2007 with my new scripts. You can see them at the shop. Fallingwater Flowers is here (across the bridge from Shiny Things.)

Jane Wedges

April 28, 2009

Embossed leather straps adorn these graceful wooden wedges, lifting your heel high in a comfortable cradle.  Metal rivets help keep the straps in place along the wooden sole, bringing to mind a hint of a clog, but liberated from its confining toe.

click for larger version

click for larger version

Available in six subtle neutrals and relaxed, dusty colors, these wedges are perfect for accentuating legs in short summer gear.

click for larger version

click for larger version

You can click on the above pictures to get a closer view of the shoe detail.

Purchase info:
Two sizes included, for size 0 and size 10 feet.
Version for SL viewer 1.20 and earlier included 
Copy/no transfer/no modify
L$300 per pair; fatpack available

Fashion Credits
Top left: vest: Kurotsubaki; shirt: Dutch Touch; shorts: Zaara
Top right: overshirt: Kurotsubaki; shirt: Dutch Touch; jeans: BP*
Bottom: dress: *Coco* 
All: hair: Zero Style;  skin: Gala; modeling poses: Reel Expression



April 21, 2009

These are named for my friend hyasynth of ~silentsparrow~ because they’re very her, because she encouraged me to keep at them when I had my doubts, and because she made the dress to match.

Check out her shop if you haven’t already.

Shoes are available in red and black for L$350 a pair. Two sizes are included. Permissions: copy/no transfer/no modify

Two new shoes

March 21, 2009

Saturday Flats (these are my new favorite wear-all-the-time shoes, so what’s with the name? weird.): 


(the fashion picture):

and Romance Flats:

Saturday Flats:
in 16 colors (because I like them that much)
L$250 a pair; 2 color packs are available for 20% off 

Romance Flats:
in 7 colors (because but some shoes only look right in certain colors) 
L$300 a pair, or all for 20% off 

 For both styles, 2 sizes are included. Permissions are copy/no transfer/no modify.

Fashion credits
romance flats: dress: Zaara; hair: Zero Style; jewelry: me; skin: Gala
saturday flats: pants: BP*; shirt: Novocaine; hair: Deviant Kitties; jewelry: me; skin: Gala 

All the colors are after the jump…
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Petal Bag

February 18, 2009

I started this handbag over year ago, but didn’t have the texturing skills to finish it to my satisfaction until recently.

The bag contains two handbag AO sets of 5 stands and 2 sits, one regular and one for poofy dresses. A walk is included also, which you can replace if you prefer a different one.

Here are the other colors:

Copy/modify/no transfer
L$250, or $1500 for all 8

Fashion credits — sweater, skirt and leggings: Kurotsubaki; hair: Zyrra Falcone; skin: Launa Fauna; choker: me

P.S. I’ve also added more shoes to the reduced price room. Lady Slingbacks and Lady Zigzags are now sold for L$100 per pair.

These have got a lower heel and more ‘manly’ proportions. Here they are.



These include 4 sizes and a HUD to set bootlace color. I’ve used features introduced into viewer 1.21, as with the Ving Boots.

L$500 per pair
Copy/no transfer/no modify

Fashion credits
Left: jacket and sweater: Mechanism; jeans: Plastik; hair: MaDesigns; skin: Fleur
Right: suit and shirt: Silent Sparrow; hair: Tami McCoy; skin: Fleur 

OnRez is now closed, and I don’t plan to list my items on XStreetSL until the seller UI is improved. My apologies to customers who liked the convenience of OnRez, particularly to people who used it to send gifts.

You can request gift delivery by IMing me in world. I hope to come up with a better option; if anyone has any suggestions for gift vendors, you can let me know.